Dimethicone 100 mg - Excipient up to 1 ml. Composition
For the treatment of frothy bloat and tympany in cattle and small ruminants. Indications
Dimethicone is a polymer of methyl silicone, which decreases surface tension and inhibits formation of foam. Mechanism of action
None. Contraindications
Dilute with water (30 - 60 ml of Dimephen diluted with 100 ml of water).

By oral administration as a drench or by stomach tube.

Directly into the rumen by injection using a large needle, cannula or trocar.

Cattle: 125 - 250 ml of diluted fluid.

Sheep, goats: 35 - 75 ml of diluted fluid.
Administration & dosage
None. Withdrawal period
Store below 25°C in its final packing and protected from light. Storage
100 ml. Packaging
KELA Laboratoria N.V - Belgium. Manufacturer