Each vial contains:

Procaine benzylpenicillin 3 000 000 I.U. - Streptomycin sulphate eq. 3 g base.
Infections caused by penicillin G and/or streptomycin susceptible microorganisms such as respiratory tract infections, uro-genital tract infections, infections of skin and wounds, peritonitis, strangles in horses, mastitis, meningitis (e.g. by streptococci), panaritium, clostridial infections, tetanus, anthrax, leptospirosis, actinomycosis in cattle, actinobacillus in horses, polyarthritis (navel ill), septicemias, postoperative prevention of infections (e.g. caesarian section). Indications
This preparation contains a penicillin G derivative essentially active against gram-positive cocci, bacilli and anaerobes, and also against some gram-negative germs (e.g. Actinobacillus, Leptospirose, some Pasteurella and Haemophilus strains, anaerobes such as Fusobacterium and Bacteroides). The procaine salt of penicillin G provides a depot effect with therapeutical blood concentrations persisting for about 24 hours.

Streptomycin is essentially active against gram-negative cocci and bacilli, and also against some gram positive bacteria (e.g. Staph. aureus, Mycobacterium). The combination of streptomycin and p
Mechanism of action
Known hypersensitivity, renal insufficiency. Contraindications
Penicillin: allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock in hypersensitized animals.

Streptomycin: neuromuscular block (ataxia, paralysis) particularly after accidental I.V. or intraperitoneal injection.

Anesthetics and muscle relaxants potentiate these effects. Prolonged administration of high doses may

lead to deafness, vestibulo toxic (ataxia, incoordination, nystagmus) and nephrotoxic signs.
Adverse reactions
The suspension for injection should be prepared by adding 10 ml water for injection to the sterile powder, and by shaking vigorously until the suspension is homogeneous.

The suspension should be administered intramuscularly at about 1 ml per 30 kg body weight.
Administration & dosage
Milk: 3 days

Meat: 7 days
Withdrawal period
20 ml vials. Packaging
KELA Laboratoria N.V - Belgium. Manufacturer