Each ml of suspension contains:

80 mg of trimethoprim

400 mg of sulfadiazine as sulfadiazine sodium

Excipient up to 1 ml
Treatment of various bacterial infections in bovines, sheep and horses:

- respiratory tract infections (rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia);

- genitourinary tract infections (cystitis, vaginitis, urethritis, nephritis, metritis);

- alimentary tract infections (E. coli- induced infections, salmonellosis);

- other infections (necrotic pododermatitis, mastitis, eye, ear and mouth infections);

- post-operative and post-partum infections, septicaemia.
Trimetosul 48% suspension for injections is a combined sulfonamide preparation of potentiated action. Active ingredients of suspension, a sulfonamide sulfadiazine and trimethoprim, produce a double blockade in folic acid synthesis in sensitive microorganisms. Consequently, greater efficacy is obtained than when each component is used alone. Trimetosul 48% suspension for injections acts bactericidally on large number of gram-positive and gram negative organisms, e.g.Streptococcus spp.,Staphylococcus spp., Enterococcus spp. Corynebacteria spp., Pasteurella spp. , Clostridium spp., Haemophilus spp., Klebsiella spp., Mechanism of action
Trimetosul 48% suspension for injections should not be administered intravenously and

Intraperitoneal route. Should not be administered to animals hypersensitive to sulfonamides and to those with severe liver and kidney impairment or blood dysc.
The content of the bottle should be shaken each time before use.

Trimetosul 48% suspension for injections is administered by intramuscular route,preferably into neck to minimize pain.

For all indicated species the dose is 1 ml of Trimetosul 48% suspension for injections per 30 kg bw.(=15 mg of active ingredients /kg bw./day). In severe cases this dose may be increased to 1,5 ml per 30 kg bw. (= 22,5 mg of active ingredients /kg bw./day).

A single injection usually suffices in cases like wounds and post-operative infections. In

severe and more complicated infections the administration should be repeated up to 5

consecutive days, ie. 2 days after the withdrawal of clinical signs of infection.

To cattle and horses should not be administered more than 20 ml of Trimetosul 48%

suspension for injections to the same application site.
Administration & dosage
Milk: 3 days

Meat: 10 days
Withdrawal period
100 ml. Packaging
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